Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Helm Knight

Helm Knight is a 2D side scrolling action/adventure platformer, named after the helmet-headed protagonist. Help Helm Knight defeat the evil tribe from taking control of the magic crystals and bringing chaos to the lands.

Guide Helm Knight through 15 challenging levels by helping him run, jump, hack, slash and cast magic to avoid the various dangers that await him and secure the crystals to save the lands.

Fight different types of enemies which include goo-monsters, snakes, carnivorous plants, blobs, ice monsters and the evil tribal warriors. Explore three different areas - the plains, the desert and the mountains.

Collect potions to replenish health and magic points.Collect gold coins to unlock spells like fire, poison and snow and make Helm Knight strong enough for the final showdown against the evil lord of the tribals. An option for tilt controls has also been included in case you experience trouble with multitouch on your phone.

Helm Knight is available for free on the Android market.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Pirate Treasure Island

The Pirate Treasure Island is a top down 2d game in which you must collect bombs and use them to defeat the enemies on the island. Find the key to the treasure chest hidden on the island by defeating all enemies in the minimum possible time.

There are 10 levels in all. Can you find the treasure hidden in all of the 10 islands?

Download it free from the android market. Please leave your comments, ratings and suggestions. Thank you

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Candyland is a platform game. The objective of the game is to find the golden candy at the end of each level. Each level also has 10 red candies which the player may or may not collect. The game has three backgrounds(day, evening, night) which are displayed based on the time of the day the game is played.

 The game also has minigames which are unlocked by collecting red candies. There are 4 minigames in all.  Below is the screenshot of one of the minigames "Hammers!", where the player has to dodge the falling hammers and collect the falling candies to score points.

Candyland is available on the Android market for free.

The gameplay video:

QR Code:

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Meteor Blaster

Destroy the asteroids to score points. Collect powerups like rapid fire, invincibility, health restore, nuke and asteroids freeze.


Meteor Blaster is a free download on the Android market. Search for "The_R".

Heres the QR code:

Update v1.3:

Added a virtual analog stick control. 
Also added an option to switch between old and new controls in the settings menu .


The gameplay video: