Friday, November 27, 2015

I have a new website

A few days back I decided that it would be a good idea to have a personal website showcasing my work for the purpose of marketing my games. Of course I had made a simple one page website before for promoting my game Jack N' Jill, before. Back then, I had used Apple's iWeb to build it.

The problem with iWeb is, that Apple no longer supports it and it has become quite outdated. The websites exported from iWeb are not optimized for mobile. So, I began searching for other WYSIWYG webpage builders that would help me quickly build webpages for my games. Although I did find a few intersting programs, none of them seemed to meet my needs.

Finally, I decided that I should just spend some time refreshing my html, javascript and css and use a good old text editor to build a website. You can check the result at The website is pretty simple and completely static as of now, but atleast it is better than having nothing.  Building this website was a fun learning experience for me. One new thing I learnt was how to construct fonts. If you visited the website, you might have noticed the pixelart fonts on it. These fonts were all designed by me using FontStruct. FontStruct is a great tool and I can see myself using it as a better option to design the text in my games too!
I have quite a few plans to improve on my website and make it more interesting. For one, my engine already has the ability to export to web (using Emscripten). So, I can see myself publishing my games on it too!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Squareboy vs Bullies

Another blog post after another long interval. Fortunately, I wasn't away from game development too during this time. I've been working on an old school beat 'em up game, in the style of Double Dragon and Final Fight. Double Dragon used to be one of my favourite games growing up and even now I quite often feel the itch to revisit one of my old beat 'em up favourites. So, naturally, I should develop a beat 'em up of my own, right?

I initially started the development by redesigning and reimplementing my "engine" and I'm quite happy with the result. It is cross platform (iOS, OS X, Android, Web using Emscripten) and built in a way that I just need to have one C++ codebase for my game, and can easily build an executable for one of the above mentioned platforms. Squareboy vs Bullies is, of course, built on this "engine" and I'm very satisfied with the game itself and the way it runs on all of the platforms.

After the game was "almost ready", I decided to send it out to a few people for feedback. One of them was Bernardo Espanol (from Nardio). Bernardo liked the game a lot. In fact he liked it so much that he felt it deserved to be showcased at an event, PlaycraftingNYC. Being the awesome guy he is, he took the Squareboy prototype, along with two other amazing games, Cally's Caves 3 and Tottoko Dungeon. Squareboy being a part of this bunch was very special for me. According to Bernardo, the game was received well at the event and one person even found it hard to get away from it. This makes me all the more excited to get the game out there as soon as I can and hear what people think about it!

Currently the game is ready, but needs to be reviewed (on iOS and Mac) and published. If everything goes well the game should be out before Christmas this year. I'd like to thank all the people who helped me test the game and provided their valuable feedback, and I believe they all deserve a shout out! Be sure to follow them on twitter,  because some of them are working on their own amazing projects, which are definitely worth looking at!

Bernardo Espanol:
Don Boody:
Jordan Pearson (Calley's Caves):
Ben Thumbs:
Colin from Quikding Software:
Thomas from Norseware:
Rahul Lakhi:
Mohit Lakhi:

Also a big thanks to people from among my friends and family, who tested the game and gave me their feedback but don't use twitter (as far as I know)

Now, finally, on to the good stuff!

Screenshots (Desktop Version)
Title Screen

Bullies at the bus stop

Screeshots (Mobile Version)

Landscape UI on the iPad

Portrait UI on the iPad


Squareboy vs Bullies will soon be out on iOS, OS X and Android. If the game does well, I might also consider releasing it onto other platforms like Ubuntu and Windows!