Saturday, December 15, 2012

The new and improved Blobs

I've published a new version of one of my older games "Blobs". Its up on the Google Play Store for free at this link

The iPhone / iPad version (also free) of the game can be found here

Gameplay Video:


Place the falling blobs in such a way that 4 or more blobs of the same color are connected to each other to form chains. Score points by making as many chains as possible. If the blobs get piled up to the top, you lose the game.

Drag left/right to move the blobs left/right. Tap to rotate the blobs and swipe downwards to make them fall.

Blobs is a perfect game to play during those long bus or train rides or even in short breaks between your work. With its cute graphics and relaxing and catchy music, Blobs will be a great addition to your games library.

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