Thursday, January 1, 2015

An update of my work over the past year

It's been a while since I last updated my blog, almost a year in fact! So first of all, to everyone reading this, wish you all a happy new year!

Jack N' Jill

Although I have been inactive on my blog, I have worked on quite a few things in the past year. Jack N' Jill has received numerous updates and now it has a total of 140 levels, along with its own walkthrough series on YouTube. Although the daily downloads of the game have understandably fallen since last year, the game has been doing really well on Android and iOS. I am really thankful to everyone who took the time to play the game! If you still haven't, I highly recommend you to try it!

 The Pit

Around sometime in May and June, I participated in a gamejam called lowrezjam. The idea of the jam was to make a game in a 32x32 resolution. My entry was a story based platformer game, called "The Pit", with multiple outcomes based on the various decisions the player takes within the game. I used a C++ to JavaScript cross compiler called Emscripten for this game. While it took some time to figure out a few things, it was great to see my OpenGL / C++ code be compiled into something that could run in a web browser. You can play The Pit for free on gamejolt!

Zie Invades Earth

Around September/October, I began working on another new game. This time I wanted to make something a little more casual, mobile friendly and quick and easy to play. I took my inspiration from the old Game & Watch games and came up with an idea, around that concept. The player has to help an alien steal candy (or anything else) from a kid. The goal is to keep stealing and score as many points as possible. Once again, I made use of pixel art graphics for this game as well, but this time the game is in color. The game is called "Zie Invades Earth". As of now, the game is available for free on the Play Store, and should soon be out on the App Store

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