Friday, November 27, 2015

I have a new website

A few days back I decided that it would be a good idea to have a personal website showcasing my work for the purpose of marketing my games. Of course I had made a simple one page website before for promoting my game Jack N' Jill, before. Back then, I had used Apple's iWeb to build it.

The problem with iWeb is, that Apple no longer supports it and it has become quite outdated. The websites exported from iWeb are not optimized for mobile. So, I began searching for other WYSIWYG webpage builders that would help me quickly build webpages for my games. Although I did find a few intersting programs, none of them seemed to meet my needs.

Finally, I decided that I should just spend some time refreshing my html, javascript and css and use a good old text editor to build a website. You can check the result at The website is pretty simple and completely static as of now, but atleast it is better than having nothing.  Building this website was a fun learning experience for me. One new thing I learnt was how to construct fonts. If you visited the website, you might have noticed the pixelart fonts on it. These fonts were all designed by me using FontStruct. FontStruct is a great tool and I can see myself using it as a better option to design the text in my games too!
I have quite a few plans to improve on my website and make it more interesting. For one, my engine already has the ability to export to web (using Emscripten). So, I can see myself publishing my games on it too!

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